The Savepoint Tavern is Worcester's first Video Gaming bar! What's that you might ask? Well let me help, a Video Gaming Bar is not a Lan Center, an Esports bar or a Barcade. We are straight video gaming with the service of Crafty food and Crafty Beverages.

"But wait I thought they were all the same?" Nope; a Lan Center and an Esports Bar are typically PC gaming exclusively where there is a time charge to use the machines to play games, (IE League of Leagues, Overwatch or WOW). This is typically a very competitive environment and typically tournaments are held.

Barcades typically feature arcade style video games and pinball with the service of food and drinks.

A Video Gaming Bar (Savepoint Tavern) on the other hand, features current and classic video gaming, everything from Nintendo to PlayStation 4. It is our passion to ensure a great gaming experience, from the beginner to hardcore gamer, it is our vision that you can come and game as long as you want.

We aren't interested in flipping tables and turning covers. Rather than paying for time on a machine, you pay the cover charge of $5.00 and you can game as long as you'd like, on most of the machine that you would like. For the current Systems (PS4; Xbox 1 and Switch) there is an additional $5 for the controller. We are interested in creating a hub where gamers, nerds, and geeks can have a haven just for us!

In the City where the smiley face was created, central MA will have another thing to smile about! The Savepoint Tavern is a place where you can come in, relax, and enjoy retro or modern Video Gaming, great Game inspired cocktails and fantastic food.  

Brian Huff

I've been video gaming since the 2nd grade. My first video game was Super Mario Bros. I remember how excited I was to learn how to run super fast, then jump and slide in one motion. Since my Nintendo days I've primarily played on Playstation's, with dabbling into PC gaming.  Career wise I've always worked in Food and Beverage, mainly in hotels. During my career I've dreamed of combining my two passions into a full career. 

Game's I like to play are mainly RPG's and high action games. I love the Assassin's Creed Series, huge fan of The Elder Scrolls games, and the Devil May Cry Series. My call name is Brewman737 hit me up!



Contact us to book a event, host a tournament or to just say Hi. 


57 Highland St

Worcester, MA  01609

E  /  Bhuff@savepointtavern.com

​T  /  774-312-6280


Monday - Closed 

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

4pm - 10pm

Friday - Saturday

4pm - 11pm


4pm - 9pm

***Hours will change as we progress through the reopening phases***


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